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APD is committed to providing essential and quality trainings to our internal and external providers.  The TRAIN Florida APD help and support web page has the training tools, information, and resources for managers to manage learners.  We encourage all Providers to frequently read the TRAIN Florida Announcement Log.

Please do not contact the Public Health Foundation (PHF) or the Florida Department of Health regarding TRAIN Florida website questions.


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How Do Staff Register in TRAIN Florida?

How to Help the Learner with the First Log In How to add a TRAIN Florida Session
My Learner Cannot Login to TRAIN Florida

How to View a Course Roster - Tutorial

APD LMS Email Support Guidelines

How to Export a Course Roster - Tutorial

APD Groups

How to Batch Register Learners into a Course or Session - Tutorial

Providers Needing Add Staff to TRAIN Florida Memo

Instructing Learners how to Search, Register & Enroll for a Course - Tutorial

Provider Staff Account Creation Instructions
Provider Upload Staff-template

APD Non-Agency Trainer Account Creation Instructions
APD Non-Agency Trainer Upload template

APD Independent Contractors Account Creation Instructions
APD Independent Contractors Upload template

Providers Pending APD Approval Account Creation Instructions
Providers Pending APD Approval Account Upload template

Provider Prospective Employees
APD Provider Email
Provider Prospective Employees Instructions
Prospective Employees Email Instructions
Prospective Employees Instructions