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In-Service Training General Information

APD Protocol for the Issuance of In-service Credits at Conferences and Seminars


The APD in-service courses are listed on the In-Service Training Calendar.  Click on the box next to a course name to see details and registration links.

Providers of certain services are required by the iBudget Handbook to take a specific number of hours of in-service training per year.  These courses are also offered as professional development to employees of the APD developmental disability centers.  In addition, anyone who is interested in any of these topics (including individuals and family members) can take these courses for no charge.  If you have questions, contact your APD Regional Offices.

  • The APD in-service courses are listed on the In-Service Training Calendar.  Click on the check box next to the course name to see details and registration links.
      • Behavior: Reporting the use of Reactive Strategies 65G-8
      • Development and Implementation of a Safety Plan
      • Orientation for Persons Seeking to be Licensed Providers (Group Homes, Foster Homes)
      • Provider Quarterly Meeting for Supported Employment


Florida Medicaid Provider Training e-Library

The Florida Medicaid Provider Training e-Library contains training resources for Medicaid providers on Medicaid policy.  Look through the list of PowerPoint presentations and videos on the Previous Training Materials pages, and select the information that is of interest to you.  The benefits of using this site are:

  • You can choose the time that is convenient for you to review the training materials.
  • You can learn at your own pace with self-paced learning materials.
  • You can build your knowledge of Medicaid policy, decreasing the risk of non-compliance and avoiding billing errors.

Watch Educational Medicaid Policy Videos

The following Medicaid Policy Video courses are available in TRAIN Florida:

  • Training on the Preadmission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR) process, July 2015
  • PERM Education Training for Florida Medicaid and CHIP Providers
  • Compliance Tips for Florida Medicaid Providers
  • Medicaid Provider Compliance Program and Provider Self Audits, Fraud Prevention and Compliance Unit


In addition, you can visit the Previous Training Materials section to find useful training materials from past training sessions.  To add the courses to your TRAIN Florida Transcript, “How to manage NON-TRAIN courses”.

You must have a TRAIN Florida Learner Account to register for a classroom course.  If you do not have an account, please contact your provider or send an email to the TRAIN Florida APD Team.