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The FDOH and APD TRAIN Florida Site Administrators are working towards migrating TRAIN Florida V2.0 to TRAIN Florida V3.0.  The rollout for TRAIN Florida V3.0 will occur in early 2018.

The new TRAIN Florida will have mobile-friendly access, allowing learners to use TRAIN Florida on a variety of devices:

  • Modern design that is easy to navigate
  • Simplified account creation
  • Improved advanced course search
  • Streamlined learning record management, including transcripts and certificates
  • Increased support, including video tutorials and easy-to-understand documentation

APD Courses Are Not Available on the Public Heath Foundation’s (PHF’s) new TRAIN website

Attention learners –
Please note that while TRAIN Florida is in the process of changing to look like the main PHF’s TRAIN.org. However, we are not there yet. This means the courses you need on TRAIN Florida cannot be completed through PHF’s TRAIN.org.
Please continue to register, manage, and complete your courses on the current TRAIN Florida site until further notice. 

TRAIN Florida Login and Password Update
Security features have been implemented by TRAIN National, to protect the passwords for TRAIN users. The update has changed the initial login process for new learners. The APD LMS Support team has updated the login instructions for new learners.

If you have an account, and have not logged into TRAIN, here are the login instructions.

Current Learners: If you forgot your login name and/or password, the process to retrieve your information has changed.  Here are the login instructions.

TRAIN Florida Learner Accounts
TRAIN Florida learners can only have one account.  If you work for multiple provider agencies. We will need update your account with both agency’s information. All TRAIN Florida courses you complete in your account will be available/reported to both agencies. If you have a question or require further assistance, send an email to apd.lmssupport@apdcares.org

Multiple TRAIN Florida learners in your agency with the same email address
The TRAIN system requires that each learner must have a separate email address.  The TRAIN System will lock accounts that share email addresses and the learners will not be able to retrieve their login information, or access the system to take courses.

PLEASE DO NOT CREATE a second TRAIN FLORIDA ACCOUNT.  Please do not contact the Public Health Foundation (PHF) or the Florida Department of Health regarding TRAIN Florida.

If you have employees sharing the same email address, please see the Announcement Log or request a TRAIN Florida Staff report by sending an email to apd.lmssupport@apdcares.org

TRAIN Florida APD LMS Support
APD LMS Support team contact information - Read More....
Please do not contact the Public Health Foundation (PHF) or the Florida Department of Health regarding TRAIN Florida website questions.

Last Update: 10/10/2017