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APD is committed to providing essential and quality trainings to our internal and external providers.  The TRAIN Florida and APD course information web page has the training tools, information, and resources to help learners manage TRAIN Florida and APD course.  We encourage all learners to frequently read the TRAIN Florida Announcements on the TRAIN Florida Home Page.

Please do not contact the Public Health Foundation (PHF) or the Florida Department of Health regarding TRAIN Florida website questions. They will not respond to your emails or telephone calls.

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FDOH Bloodborne Pathogens
Course ID Number:1071522

Direct Care Core Competencies Training –
Course ID Number: 1060050 - Click here



HIPAA Basics –
Course ID Number:1071336 - Click here



FDOH HIV/AIDS 101 In the News
Course ID Number: 1059884 Click here


FDOH HIV/AIDS 500 The Basics of HIV/AIDS Counseling, Testing and Linkage - Course ID Number: 1050497


FDOH HIV/AIDS 501 HIV Prevention Counseling, Testing and Linkage-Introduction - Course ID Number: 1058541


Zero Tolerance Training – Course ID Number: 1058718 - Click here



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