Three Wishes

By Maria Angeles Linares

Every year around the third week of September, the Southern Region receives an email from the Miami Herald Wish Book alerting us they are now open for nominations of families in need.  This is a terribly difficult task since we are limited to three families and all of our families are experiencing some type of need.  This year’s nominees are perfect examples of the difficulties many are experiencing on a day-to-day basis.

Many do not realize that the Wish Book is not just a December or Christmas activity.  The Wish Book works year-round to make these wishes come true.  As the stories about the nominees run in the Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald, the community will come forward with donations to help make all their wishes a reality.

Daniel Anzon is 6 years old and has spina bifida.  He lives with his parents, younger sister, and two older brothers.  Anzon is unable to walk independently and requires special braces on his feet as well as a walker. His wish was an electric wheelchair, a ramp for his home, and braces. He received a generous gift card from the community.

Edward Davis is 17 years old who has autism and an intellectual disability.  Davis lives with his mother and two brothers.  He has been home schooled since the age of 8, but has returned to the classroom this year and is doing very well. His wish was for a new apartment for his family, a laptop, and some new clothes. The family received enough donations to secure a new apartment and some additional spending money for his other wish list items.

Mariah Diaz is 8 years old and has cerebral palsy.  Diaz lives with her parents. Her wish was for a new walker, a tricycle, and a balancing chair. She received a generous donation to put toward the purchase of her wish list.

The Agency for Persons with Disabilities Southern Region wishes to recognize the generosity of the South Florida community and the hard work and effort made by the staff of the newspapers' Wish Book as they work tirelessly to make the lives of those in our community just a little bit brighter.