Happy Holidays from Sunland

The holiday season is truly the most wonderful time of the year at Sunland!  Beginning in early December and continuing throughout the month, residents and staff enjoy many exciting opportunities for celebration and fellowship. During the month, residents traveled to Ft. Walton Beach for a Christmas party sponsored by the Sons of Italy.  They enjoyed a delicious meal, dancing and most of all, gifts from Santa.

The Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony was held on December 3 and ushered in the Christmas season in a meaningful way.  Decorations, provided by the various departments throughout the center, were presented and hung on the tree by many of our residents. As the ornaments were presented, a special holiday greeting was read.  Beautiful decorations were on display all across the campus, making the annual decoration judging contest held on December 8 quite a competitive event. 

Holiday festivities continued on December 10 with the annual Christmas Parade.  The smiles on the faces of everyone were truly a reflection of the heartfelt joy that makes the Christmas season such a special time filled with friendship and goodwill.   

Festivities continued on December 18 with the Sunland Christmas Program.  The talent of our staff is quite impressive.  Residents and staff alike shared in laughter and applause, and everyone got a kick out of the Grinch as he made his way throughout the auditorium. 

To wrap up the month, Sunland residents put on their own talent show at the Christmas Fest.  Not to be outdone, they showcased their many talents and delighted the crowd with amazing performances.  So you see, Christmas at Sunland is the most wonderful time of the year and we are thankful!

Sunland residents enjoy participating in the Annual Christmas Parade.

Sunland residents enjoy participating in the Annual Christmas Parade.

Santa is well loved