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The Agency for Persons with Disabilities renews its commitment to open government and providing information to our customers in the least restrictive way possible. The agency will continually review current and newly developed documents to ensure that they communicate effectively. The agency will work to provide excellent customer service and hope that may be achieved by being a transparent agency serving Floridians with developmental disabilities.

Communicate in Plain Language

  • The "Plain Language Initiative" calls for a "two-way conversation with the people of Florida."

  • Written communication to the public must be clear, concise, and free of needless words.

  • This includes presentations on agency websites, letters, notices, applications, reports, pamphlets and any other communication meant for public consumption.

The Executive Order States:

"While each agency's plan must take into account the unique programs and requirements of that agency and its customers, all Plain Language plans must provide for documents that include:

  • Clear language that is commonly used by the intended audience;

  • Only the information needed by the recipient, presented in a logical sequence;

  • Short sentences written in the active voice that make it clear who is responsible for what; and

  • Layout and design that help the reader understand the meaning on the first try (including adequate white space, bulleted lists, and helpful headings)."

Open Government Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) & Information

  1. What does Open Government mean?
  2. Who is the Open Government Contact for APD?
  3. What is a public record?
  4. How can I submit a public records request to APD?
  5. How much can APD charge for public documents?
  6. How long does it take to fulfill a public records request?
  7. Is APD required to give out information from public records or produce public records in a particular form?
  8. If I want to review records at APD, when can I do so?
  9. Who can I contact with a question or concern about APD programs?
  10. Where does APD post the most requested information?

Public Records Contact

Public Records Coordination Office
Agency for Persons with Disabilities
4030 Esplanade Way, Suite 335
Tallahassee, FL  32399-0950
Phone:  (850) 410-1309
Fax:  (850) 410-0665

How Are We Doing?

Please give us your feedback on the strengths and opportunities for improving the Florida Agency for Persons with Disabilities plain language efforts.

Thank you.