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May 16, 2012
Melanie Mowry Etters
Communications Director
(850) 488-4257

APD Updates Provider Rankings

Tallahassee –The Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD) has published today on its website updated scorecards on several Medicaid waiver providers who serve Floridians with developmental disabilities.

Waiver support coordinator (WSC) scorecards have been updated since the initial publication earlier in the year after discussions with WSCs. The new scorecards have WSCs ranked by the area of the state where they work, and they are also ranked by the APD area office employees. The following lists the top-ranked WSC provider in each area:

  • Area 1 Emerald Coast Support Coordinators, Inc
  • Area 2 Brenda Harmon
  • Area 3 Michelle Daniels
  • Area 4 MLK Support Services, Inc
  • Area 7 Debra Parramore
  • Area 8 Heidi Ickes
  • Area 9 MMD Support Coordination Agency 
  • Area 10 Mary Hudson  
  • Area 11 Accredited Support Services, Inc
  • Area 12 Carla Steinmann
  • Area 13 Bertilda Harvey
  • Area 14 Josephine Hunt      
  • Area 15 Dena Cassidente
  • Suncoast Challenged Resources

 Other providers ranked by scorecards include Supported Employment providers, Adult Day Training providers, and group home operators.

The top Supported Employment providers statewide are:

  • Friends & Families Support Center, Inc
  • D.A.B. Support Services, LLC
  • Sabrina Kemp
  • Charity First, Inc
  • Quantara Clarke

The following Adult Day Training Programs were ranked number one:

  • Opportunity Services, Inc.
  • Manasota ARC

The agency also ranked the three types of group homes: Intensive Behavior, Behavior Focused, and Standard.  The following lists the top-ranked home in each category:

Intensive Behavior Group Homes

  • The May Institute, Inc.
  • Crystal Lake Supportive Environments, Inc.
  • Shalmare, Inc.
  • Carlton Palms Educational Center, Inc.
  • National Mentor Health Care

Behavior Focused Group Homes

  • The May Institute, Inc.
  • Multi-Dimensional Services
  • Angelwood, Inc.
  • National Mentor Health Care
  • Crystal Lake Supportive Environments, Inc.
  • Shalmare, Inc.
  • Toirak's Group Home
  • Munder Group Homes
  • United Group Home
  • Gloria's Group Home
  • Martin's Group Home
  • Perna's Group Home
  • Sierra Developmental Enterprise Corp.
  • CK Group Home, Inc.
  • Teresita Group Home, Inc.
  • Amazing group Home, Inc.
  • GCG Homes, Inc.
  • Lorenzo's Enterprises Group
  • Coaching Behavioral Alternatives
  • Assisted Living of Pinellas, Inc.
  • Westside Group Home, Inc.

Standard Group Homes

  • Melody Smith
  • Floyd or Cassandra McAllister
  • Multi-Dimensional Services
  • Angelwood, Inc.
  • Gillespie Services, Inc.
  • Donmacan, Inc.
  • Comfort Villa Facility, Inc. I
  • Comfort Villa Facility, Inc. II
  • Crystal Lake Supportive Environments, Inc.
  • Shalmare, Inc.
  • Grace's Home Care Services, LLC
  • Miles Ahead Group Home
  • Jewish Residential and Family Services
  • Am Loving Care
  • Windrhon, Inc.
  • Reyna Group Home
  • Wolliston Foster Home
  • Royal Meadows, Inc.
  • Phyillis Duncombe Childcare and residential Center
  • Sunrise Community, Inc.
  • Essence of Home, LLC
  • Lulu's Boarding Home, Inc.
  • Matthew Gutstadt
  • My First Horizon, Inc.
  • April Group Home & Company, LLC
  • Daphne Cares, Inc.
  • The Gutstadt Home
  • GCG Homes, Inc.
  • Worrell/Mitchell Group Home, Inc
  • Nerida Gonzalez
  • Miami Cerebral Palsy Residential Services, Inc.
  • Martin's Group Home, Inc.
  • Munder Group Homes, Inc.
  • Lee's Foster Home
  • Gloria's Group Home, Inc.
  • Pernas Group Home, Inc.
  • United Group Home
  • Lorenzo's Enterprises Group
  • CK Group Home, Inc.
  • Dalia Santana's Foster Home, LLC
  • Amazing Group Home, Inc.
  • Coaching Behavioral Alternatives, Inc.
  • Henderson's Foster Care Home, Inc.
  • Ernestine Selby
  • Scarc, Inc.
  • Newth, Inc.
  • Deltona Home of TLC, LLC
  • Sherry L. Leslie
  • Christine Zoucha
  • Hardee Homes Specialized Services, Inc.
  • Kristina Ward
  • Sharing Facility ALF
  • Glendale Street Group Home, LLC
  • TJAK Assisted Care, Inc.
  • Mount Zion Group Home
  • Veronica's Care, Inc.
  • Westside Group Home, Inc.
  • Assisted Living of Pinellas, Inc.
  • All Nurses Home
  • Amcaf Group Home, LLC
  • Suncoast Support Services, Inc.
  • Schamona Hill

These providers contract with the state of Florida under the Home and Community-Based Services waivers.

APD Director Michael Hansen said, "I think the public wants to know how well service providers are meeting the needs of Floridians with developmental disabilities. We have improved this process of scoring providers by including them in focus groups, and we will continue to refine the scoring process as we move forward."

All state agencies are working to develop scorecards to increase transparency and accountability to the public.  The APD provider scorecards are intended to measure, evaluate, and improve performance on key measures that are important to Floridians with developmental disabilities. The long-term goal is to improve the quality of state-funded services.

Customers, families, and waiver providers are asked to submit suggestions to their local area office on ways to improve the ranking process. The scorecards are posted on the agency's website

APD annually serves more than 50,000 Floridians with the developmental disabilities of autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, intellectual disabilities, spina bifida, and Prader-Willi syndrome. For more information on the agency, visit or call toll-free 1-866-APD-CARES (1-866-273-2273).