No Horsing Around

By Melanie Mowry Etters

People have been in love with horses for thousands of years, and Jeffrey Weingarth is no exception. Weingarth volunteered in August 2017 at the Good Hope Equestrian Training Center (GHETC) in Miami to fulfill his passion for the majestic animals. He learned the skills he needed to work around the stables and was hired as a Stable Assistant in December 2017. He is so excited about his job that he shows up early each day he is scheduled to work. Weingarth said, “I love being outside and working with animals, especially horses.”

Good Hope Equestrian Training Center (GHETC) works with children, youth, and adults both with and without disabilities. It is an inclusive model in teaching horsemanship and riding skills.

Weingarth has a developmental disability and receives services from the Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD).

Weingarth’s supervisor is Kennedy Williams. She said, “Jeffrey just keeps getting better at his required duties. He is always happy. Our boarders and other employees love him. Jeffrey is just all-around wonderful.”

GHETC stable staff provide Weingarth some additional supports such as ongoing verbal and modeling prompts as needed to assist him in the mastery of his duties. He describes his coworkers as kind and supportive. Weingarth said, “We work together as a team to make sure the horses and ponies are well cared for.”

Job Coach Patresia Bullard said, “Jeffrey is a kindhearted and hardworking man who strives to learn all he can around the stable.”

His duties include transporting the shavings via wheelbarrow into the stables to be spread in the stalls, filling water buckets and troughs, feeding hay to the horses, and dumping muck buckets into the spreader. As Weingarth has mastered these skills, he continues to want to learn more about working with horses.

“I love to make my own money and keep myself active. I like to be responsible and earn money, so I can be more independent,” said Weingarth. 

One thing Weingarth likes to spend his money on is going to the movies. He also enjoys being with his family.

In the future, Weingarth wants to remain employed at GHETC. Weingarth said, “I would like to continue learning new skills in the stable, because I want to work at GHETC for a long time.” 

Jeffrey Weingarth loves working with horses at the Good Hope Equestrian Training Center in Miami.