Family Care Council Learns About the My Money Program

The Area 8 Family Care Council partnered with the Department of Financial Services (DFS) to present the My Money program to families in Ft. Myers. DFS Bureau Chief Denishia Sword shared information about the financial literacy program and showed a preview of some training modules during the event. Sword said, “Our goal is to educate as many people as possible. I would love to work with you all again!”

The self-paced program introduces students to Andy, a young man with Down syndrome, and together they learn financial skills through educational videos and interactive games. Lessons begin with money basics and advances to teach students about budgeting, bank accounts, government benefit programs, and ways to find and keep employment. The website also includes resources for parents, caregivers, and providers to support the student. You can access the My Money program and resources by visiting

Patricia Oglesby, FCC Chairperson

Denishia Sword, Department of Financial Services Bureau Chief