Stocking Up on Smiles

By Anne Elizabeth Clark

A good attitude, work ethic, and outlook are key for success at any workplace. Luckily, Amey Patterson brings all three to her job with T.J. Maxx. Patterson receives Supported Living and Supported Employment services from the Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD).

After attending the Goodwill Adult Training Center in Lakeland for 11 years, Patterson had a trial run with T.J. Maxx about two years ago. Because of her success and sunny disposition, she was hired permanently and currently works between four to eight hours a week in a position processing shoes and clothes in the stockroom.

When asked why she liked having Patterson as part of the team, Deb Jones-Foister, the Operations Manager for the T.J. Maxx where Patterson works, said, “She deserves the chance to have a place to work. She helps bring the environment up.” Jones-Foister also mentioned how fun and cheerful Patterson is, noting that she loves the people she works with and thinks that everything is funny. “She’s in a good mood constantly; it helps keep things upbeat at work.”

Patterson echoed the same sentiments, noting her fondness for her boss and coworkers. She also enjoys the financial independence having a job affords her. Patterson said, “I like to work because then I can pay my bills and make money. Someone’s got to do it!” She likes being part of the team, and when new tasks are asked of her, she is always up for the challenge without hesitation.

When Patterson’s hours were temporarily reduced during the slow season at work, she had a great attitude and saw it as an opportunity to try new things. In addition to spending time with her mom going to the movies and hanging out with her brother at home, Patterson began attending the YMCA. Her positive attitude permeates every aspect of her life. She does not give up!

Amey Patterson loves her job at T.J. Maxx.