Innovative Imaging

Local providers of APD’s Northwest Region attended Pensacola Civitan Club’s Innovative Imaging, a community educational awareness event presented at The Hilton Garden Inn Airport/Medical Center in Pensacola. Owner of Life Care Companions of Northwest Florida Priscilla Baldwin and Waiver Support Coordinator LaDonna Beauford joined community members to gain valuable insight into the Civitan International Research Center’s (CIRC) innovative Neuroimaging Laboratory. The audience was educated and entertained by Dr. Mark Bolding, a Medical Imaging Physicist in the University of Alabama at Birmingham Department of Radiology and Director of the Neuroimaging Lab. Dr. Bolding discussed neuroanatomical and functional imaging and shared insight into his and other CIRC scientists’ ongoing research through anecdotal stories and an extended question and answer session.

The CIRC is the flagship project of Civitan International. Its mission is to improve the well-being and the quality of life of individuals and families affected by intellectual and developmental disabilities. The CIRC seeks to:

The CIRC's activities are guided by a strong commitment to values that recognize all people first as individuals. Through partnerships with consumers, professionals, organizations, and agencies, the CIRC seeks to shape policy decisions related to research and to increase the opportunities for inclusion, independence, productivity, and personal life satisfaction for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Northwest Region Licensing Specialist Constance Bartell is an active Pensacola Civitan member and coordinated this community event. She explained to the audience that local Civitan clubs provide community services, support programs for people affected developmental disabilities with funding, in-kind donations, and volunteer manpower, as well as ongoing financial support to the CIRC. Bartell encouraged all attendees to further explore Civitans and to share what they learned about the CIRC with family and friends.

APD Providers Priscilla Baldwin (Life Care Companions of Northwest Florida) and LaDonna Beauford (Waiver Support Coordinator) attended the presentation.

Constance Bartell at a Civitan Ramp Build event.