DCF Child Protection Summit

APD was represented at the Department of Children and Families 2018 Child Protection Summit September 5-7 in Orlando. This year's Summit afforded our agency the opportunity to share our programmatic functions to promote the most efficient practices as we collaborate with our DCF partners to ensure we are facilitating the best operational procedures, thus providing the best sources of services for children and families statewide.

The following APD members staff attended: Regional Program Supervisor Sylvia Bamburg, Senior Human Services Program Manager Diana Martin, Regional Program Supervisor Cynthia Wilcher, Regional Program Supervisor Debra Noel, Human Services Counselor Madeleine Aglow, Senior Human Services Program Specialist Mary Edwards, Regional Program Supervisor Cary Dashiff, Northwest Regional Program Manager Octavius Jackson, Senior Human Services Program Specialist Shirley Horton Scott, Secretary Specialist Cristina Espinal-Nunez, Human Services Program Specialist Vanessa Rodriguez, Consumer Directed Care Plus (CDC+) Program Representative Mindy Whitehead, Ombudsman Natalie Jean, Operations & Management Consultant April Cook, Senior Human Services Program Specialist Kimberly Walsh, Government Operations Consultant Christy Smiley, Agency Incident Manager Jackie Schaffer, Health Services & Facilities Consultant Johnnie Coleman, and Government Operations Consultant Elizabeth Keating.

From left to right: Cary Dashiff, Vanessa Rodriguez, Cristina Espinal-Nunez, Octavius Jackson, Kimberly Walsh, Johnnie Coleman, Diana Martin, Shirley Horton Scott, and Sylvia Bamburg.