Hurricane Season is Here!

By Director Barbara Palmer

Today marks the official start of hurricane season, which runs through November 30. Last year’s hurricane season brought many major storms to Florida including Hurricane Irma, which affected millions of Floridians. This hurricane season is predicted to have 10-16 named storms and 1-4 major hurricanes.

This weekend, I urge you to take advantage of the sales tax-free holiday and make sure you and your family are prepared. Remember the following tips to stay safe in the event of a storm:

Stay Informed – APD staff, customers, waiver support coordinators, and providers can visit to find the latest storm information, as well as the Recovery Toolkit to help everyone get back on track after a disaster.

Make an Emergency Plan – Note evacuation routes, shelter locations, local emergency management contact information, weather radio stations, and arrangements needed for pets. The Florida Division of Emergency Management offers a great tool on their Get A Plan! website.

Document Your Home and Valuables – Take photos or video of the inside and outside of your home, including your furniture and valuables.

Stock Up on Supplies – Pack the following:

Planning and awareness is key to staying safe! Let’s be prepared this hurricane season!