Tacachale Celebrates the Season

Christmas is a wondrous time of year at Tacachale! From a parade and tree lighting ceremony to a Christmas program, parties at the homes and multiple visits from Santa, all the way to ringing in the New Year, Tacachale residents and staff celebrated in style!


Residents and staff lined the streets, jumping to catch the candies and prizes thrown to the crowd from festive holiday floats in Tacachale’s 33rd Annual Christmas Parade on December 5. Eastside High School’s Ram Marching Band and Cheer Squad set the tempo with rousing renditions of traditional holiday favorites. Clowns in souped-up vehicles spread holiday cheer as elves pranced with a miniature horse wearing a Santa hat. The Reichert House Young Marines and Buchholz High School Air Force Junior ROTC drilled with military accuracy. Motorcycles revved their engines, police cars sounded their sirens, and Santa arrived on a bright red firetruck! Perfect weather contributed to local TV and newspaper reports that this may have been our best parade yet!

Cold and rain couldn’t dampen our spirits as we gathered on the lawn at sunset on December 7, with area group homes and the local community joining us for the annual tree lighting ceremony. Musical presentations warmed the heart, while cookies and copious draughts of hot cocoa helped to stave off the cold. As the tree sparkled to life, Santa made his grand entrance on a jingling sleigh pulled by reindeer!

The Tacachale Christmas Program, held on December 20, showcased the talents of our residents performing the 12 Symbols of Christmas, the Tacachale Carolers, and acappella song selections by one of our multi-talented staff. Residents’ original holiday artwork was on display for all to enjoy, and Center Administrator Michael Mayfield presented gifts to the resident artists. Santa and his reindeer arrived for the festivities, and everyone wanted a picture with Santa and his amazing sleigh.

As has become a beloved tradition, local community organizations adopted each of Tacachale’s 30 homes this year, providing the residents with gifts and a “family” party.

On Christmas Eve, Santa made a return trip to Tacachale, visiting each home and delivering a special gift to each resident, picked out just for them and beautifully wrapped by one of Santa’s many elves. Residents wake up early and wait by the door, seeing if they can spy Santa on his way to their house.

And to cap off the season, Tacachale residents and staff rang in the New Year with a dance party, complete with DJ and a little faux bubbly. Spirits were high, and everyone enjoyed dancing along to favorite oldies and new beats. Truly a great start to 2018!