Transportation Task Force on the Move

By Director Barbara Palmer

The Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD) is taking a leadership role in a very important issue that affects many people with disabilities—transportation or the lack of reliable transportation. I am chairing the Transportation Task Force that the Legislature created this past spring.

We hosted the second meeting on August 2 in Tallahassee. During this meeting, we heard from the various task force members about what their organization does to meet the transportation needs of individuals with disabilities. If you would like to review these very informative presentations, you can find them here under Recent Notices. We also heard from Task Force members who are self-advocates about the plethora of issues they face every day just trying to get to where they want to go. Member Danielle McGill outlined multiple snafus she has experienced just trying to get to work. This is a huge issue with no easy solution.

Transportation rates vary in Florida and are based on the county a person lives in. Every county is unique and has different tax systems. Ideally, we want the transportation system in Florida simplified so that a rider will only have to call one telephone number for any trip they need. We have Waiver Support Coordinators working with families to determine their transportation needs; however, it is very difficult to navigate. We have come together to make recommendations for improvements.

The Transportation Task Force is required to submit a transportation study to the Legislature in December. We have hired a transportation consultant who will be conducting a study and bringing possible recommendations back to the task force to review in our upcoming meetings.

Listed below are the members of the Task Force:

Our next and third Transportation Task Force meeting will be on September 20 in Tallahassee in the Senate Office Building, Room 401. The meeting will be from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. The agenda and additional information will be posted on soon if you want to know more about this important initiative.

Member Danielle McGill seated on the far right speaks during the Transportation Task Force meeting.