Zero Tolerance

May is Adult Abuse Prevention Month and is a great time to reaffirm the Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD) commitment to the awareness and prevention of abuse, neglect, and exploitation of those with developmental and intellectual disabilities. This is a serious issue, which is why APD has a Zero Tolerance campaign to increase awareness and knowledge of how to prevent these horrendous actions. This campaign provides information on the signs and symptoms of abuse, ways to prevent abuse, and the proper steps to take when reporting abuse.

Abuse, neglect, and exploitation can often go undetected in many settings. It cannot only occur in a professional care setting such as a group home or school, but it can also happen in a more personal, familiar setting such as one's own home or the home of family or friends.

Beginning this month, APD will start a social media campaign of tips every Tuesday on how to promote safety of those vulnerable to abuse, how to recognize warning signs, and how to proceed with proper actions. Be sure to follow our Facebook and Twitter pages to see these weekly posts.