Corralling a Job

By Mary Ann Magann

Simpson Hang was like most teenagers leaving high school: he wanted to get a job, was willing to work, but just needed an opportunity. Hang had performed a variety of internships while attending Alden Road Exceptional Student Center in Jacksonville.

Opportunity presented itself in May of 2016 when Hang was offered a position as a Utility Attendant at Golden Corral Restaurant on Southside Boulevard. He said, “I like having money, and I try to save it. Also, I meet new people and learn skills at work.” He also says he fits right into this team. “The people at work are nice, and we get along great,” said Hang.

Hang’s job duties include scraping dishes, prepping silverware, checking cleanliness of washed items, taking out the trash, sweeping, mopping, and restocking plates, cups, and silverware in the dining room.

All of Hang’s hard work has not gone unnoticed. He recently received his one year service pin, which he displays on his work cap. General Manager Lawrence Johnson said, “Simpson is very proud of his service pin. He also received a pay raise.”

Hang’s attitude and desire to go above and beyond is encouraged by Johnson, through both words and actions. On Hang’s first day of work, Johnson noticed that his shirt did not meet requirements. Even though Golden Corral only provides a cap and apron, Johnson gave Hang a brand-new shirt to wear, along with some additional work shirts so Hang’s uniform needs were met.

The camaraderie of the staff at Golden Corral permeates every area of the restaurant. Kitchen work can be hot, stressful, and demanding, but it is not uncommon to hear the person washing dishes begin to sing. Within minutes, the entire kitchen staff begins to join in. In addition to the singalongs, the staff loves to participate in some friendly teasing, and Hang is a full participant. His coworkers joke about getting distracted by girls, although this couldn’t be farther from the truth because he is focused on his work.

Hang lives with his supportive family on the Southside of Jacksonville. They provide his transportation and support their son any way they can. Simpson likes his job because he is now able to contribute to the expenses of his family. When not at work, Hang helps at home with cooking, cleaning, and cutting the lawn.

According to Johnson, “Simpson has found a place where he belongs, and it is because of what he brought to the table”.

Simpson with General Manager Lawrence Johnson.