A Night to Shine at Perdido Bay United Methodist Church: A Parent’s Perspective

By Danny Parker

My young adult daughter with disabilities was thrilled to have been invited to the A Night to Shine prom. We had such a good time together prior to the event deciding which dress to wear and picking out matching shoes and jewelry. She looked so glamorous in her beautiful outfit!

We arrived at 6 p.m. and were greeted at the entrance with a buddy assigned for my daughter and people to help with her hair and makeup. They even had crowns for every guy and tiaras for every gal.

After a thrilling limo ride and a Hollywood entrance walking down the red carpet, the music and dancing started. I have never seen so much happiness on so many faces. Parents and caregivers were offered a meal and an upstairs view overlooking the dance floor as everyone danced the night away for two hours. As the event wound down, a large group of youth volunteers cheered the exit of every participant as they once again strolled down the red carpet.

Thank you to the Tim Tebow Foundation, sponsors, and the church family of Perdido Bay United Methodist Church. With all of the bad news we see in our world each day, it was refreshing to see the outpouring of love, respect, and support for those in our community with special needs. I was especially inspired to see the number of youth volunteers working the event. It gives me renewed faith that when these youth one day become our future leaders, humanity will be in good hands.

Rachel Parker