Sunland Center Employee Rings the Bell for Salvation Army

When James Godwin, Jr. found himself with some free time this holiday season, he decided to dedicate time to charity and give back to his community. Recently, Godwin spent the afternoon in front of the local Winn Dixie ringing the bell and collecting donations in a red Salvation Army bucket.

“They do a lot of good locally,” Godwin said, about halfway through his shift in front of the market entrance, adding that he hoped readers would consider giving to the charity. “You’re not donating to some big corporation. People have been very gracious and nice.”

Although Godwin hasn’t yet been scheduled for another bell-ringing session, he said he’d jump at the opportunity and knows first-hand what it means to serve. He is the Centralized Support Services Director at Sunland Center and will quickly say that for him, it is not only a job, but also an opportunity to give back and serve others.

Thank you, Mr. Godwin, for serving at Sunland and with the Salvation Army to assist to those in need within our local community.

James Godwin, Jr. greets the community with a smile, a firm handshake, and a word of appreciation for donations to the Salvation Army.