Take Me Home Program

Sergeant Jimmy Donohoe presented information on the “Take Me Home” program at the Area One Family Care Council monthly meeting on March 16. “Take Me Home” is a free program provided by the Pensacola Police Department that manages a database of information on individuals with developmental or cognitive disabilities who may need assistance if they are found alone or have difficulty communicating. The database includes a picture, disability information, physical description, and emergency contact information for all registered individuals. If a registered individual is reported missing or is encountered by a police officer, the database can be accessed for the person’s information. This is a free service offered to families of individuals with a developmental or cognitive disabilities in the Pensacola area. In his experience, Sergeant Donohoe shared that individuals with autism who elope usually head for water. The program is available to law enforcement agencies upon request nationally.

Currently, the program has been given to over 125 agencies throughout the state of Florida. To learn about how to get this free program in your area, visit www.autism-society.org/safeandsound or email Donohoe at takemehome@autism-society.org. The program allows for the safe return home of those who may not be able to communicate vital information to law enforcement officers or first responders.