Family Care Council 12 Joins Self-Advocacy Group for Fundraiser

By Belinda Hoyt

Family Care Council 12 recently joined together with Self-Advocacy Group of East Volusia and held a fundraiser at McKenna’s Place, a restaurant in Port Orange. Restaurant owner Chris McKenna donated 10 percent of the purchases of beverages and meals from 5 to 8 p.m. on January 25. This was the first fundraising event for both organizations and they split the donation equally.

Family Care Council 12 [FCC 12] will utilize funds raised towards the cost of gas and hotel rooms for families in the area wanting to attend the upcoming 18th Annual Family Café in Orlando from June 10 through 12. The Family Café is a wonderful opportunity for families and individuals to get together and network; attend break-out sessions on informative topics; hear inspirational stories from keynote speakers; and, learn more about services and technology that can enhance the lives of those with a developmental disability or special need. Over 200 vendors attend the Family Café making it a wealth of information for everyone.

The funds brought into Self-Advocacy Group of East Volusia’s coffer from the community benefit at McKenna’s Place will help the group send their organization’s regional representative to the State conference of Florida Self-Advocacy Network’D [FLSAND]. At the State conference, the regional representative can share the group’s ideas, and bring back valuable information and resources from other areas.

This community fundraiser at McKenna’s Place gave both groups the ability to meet with the public, and to tell others about the purpose and goals of their groups. Another fundraiser at McKenna’s Place may be planned for later in the summer. The FCC 12 would like to try other local restaurants for fundraising, hopefully in the surrounding Daytona Beach area, to enable them to reach more families on how the Family Care Council can educate, keep them updated on legislative issues, and provide needed resource information.


FCC 12 Chair and friends at McKenna's Place.