Dream Teams

By Maria Angeles Linares

On February 13, four residents from Dream Team Group Home and two staff members were invited to attend a men’s basketball game at Florida International University at the US Century Bank/Golden Panther Arena.  What a treat, the Dream Team was going to watch the other Dream Team, the FIU Golden Panthers, play basketball. 

The group was met by Michelle Diaz-Castillo from the Athletics Department.  She escorted the group to their excellent seats.  Tip-off was at 7 p.m. and there was excitement and anticipation in the air.  The FIU Golden Panthers were playing the University of Texas at San Antonio and a lot was riding on this game. 

The crowd was energized and in an effort to keep the energy level up, the home team was working the arena and shooting tee-shirts and other team merchandise into the crowd using an air cannon.  One of the Dream Team guests displayed his excellent catching ability by catching a tee-shirt in mid-air. Go Dream Team!

Finally the moment everyone was waiting for was here, tip-off, and the game begun.  It was a close and energetic game, but the Golden Panthers came out on top and won the game. Both Dream Teams were winners!

The Agency for Persons with Disabilities would like to thank Florida International University and the FIU Athletic Department for their generosity to our customers. 


Tip-off was at 7 p.m. and there was excitement and anticipation in the air.