Background Screening > Livescan Fingerprinting

The implementation of the Clearinghouse has impacted the business process and requirements for Livescan Vendors Service Providers providing services to employees and providers of the Clearinghouse. Specifically, Livescan service locations must have the ability to communicate electronically with the state agency accepting screening results from the FDLE and provide a photograph of the applicant taken at the time the fingerprints are submitted.

The Clearinghouse includes a list of registered live-scan vendors that allows users to initiate a screening and make an appointment for fingerprinting online.  The following information must be presented at the time of screening:

  • Two (2) forms of identification, at least one (1) of which must be a valid government-issued photo ID. The name and date of birth on both forms of identification must match exactly as provided for the appointment.

  • A photograph will be taken at the time of the appointment by a trained technician.

If you wish to be a photo capable and Clearinghouse compliant Livescan location for employees and providers of the Clearinghouse, please go to AHCA Livescan Vendor Page.