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Background Screening Clearinghouse Processing Time

August 25, 2016

Please Note—

The Department of Children and Families (DCF) is experiencing a higher volume of background screening requests and calls because of changes to childcare background screening requirements and after school programs revving up for the new school year.  APD anticipates the background screening processing times will be back to normal in about one month.  Please take into consideration:

1st- Initiate all new screenings using an APD program originating agency identifier (ORI).  DCF removed the automatic determination option for its programs; therefore, anyone initially screened using a DCF originating agency identifier (ORI) will experience much longer processing times.

2nd- Screening results that contain a criminal record will experience longer processing times.  Eligibility must be determined manually by a DCF analyst.  In some cases, additional information must be gathered prior to making a determination, so the processing time can range from 30-60 business days.    

3rd- The DCF helpdesk wait times also increased because of the high volume of phone calls and background screening user agreement submissions.

For additional assistance or clarification on backgrounding screening and the processing time, please e-mail or call your local APD regional office.