Area Quality Steering/Advisory Committee Members
Sharon Parrish - Chairperson/Person receiving services
Lisa Gombos – Person receiving services
Pat Goff – Arc/Jacksonville
Cheryl Lawson – Wright – Alternatives for the Disabled/Nassau
Robert Dobler – Person receiving services
Martha Fornof - Provider /RHD/Director
Paul Bussell - New Heights, Director
Francis Dollinger - Vocational Rehabilitation/Supervisor
Vecie Yasinsac - Support Coordinator
David Vinson - Provider/ARC St Augustine/Residential Director
Nancy Hanisch - MIG/SE Liaison
Melissa Garnier - Parent/CDC participant
Vanessa Fairburn - Worksource
Sherndina Moreland - Parent/Family Care Council/APD AQL
Shari Weitzner - Parent
Jerry Martin - Area 4 Program Administrator
Terry Mothershed - APD AQL/Provides support for the Chairperson


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